Festival of Brewers

Festival of Brewers is a brewer’s market style event, showcasing small and independent breweries.

The concept has been created by Mike Hampshire, Founder and Beer Evangelist at Mike’s Tap Room. Borne out of a desire to see an event that doesn’t feature the same craft breweries as all the others, this festival is designed to focus on the small and independent. Those who don’t get opportunities at events like these, brewing on small kit, and producing great tasting, quality beers.

As much as we love the popular craft breweries, they get all the attention and it’s about time someone stood up for the smaller brewers!

Leeds – 2018

In June 2018, the debut Festival of Brewers event took place at New Craven Hall in Leeds. 9 breweries attended, showcasing a combined 45+ beers.

Future Events

Future Festival of Brewers events are already being planned, so keep an eye out for news on those.

Social Media

You can find Festival of Brewers on Twitter, just follow the below link!